Top 5 Best Smart Ceiling Fans with Alexa & Google Home Assistant

With time we have seen most of the modern designs of vehicles and appliances in India. We have come along self-drive cars developed worldwide, which are known to be a lot safer. We have also seen vehicles that run on electricity and help save money that we save on fuels.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans

In appliances, we have seen many things, such as televisions and lights that can be easily connected with many devices. The feel that these resources give make us all believe that we are lying close to technology. Also, life feels much more manageable and better when you own all of such things.  

Over the past decade, we have seen a considerable jump in the number of home appliance companies motivated to build products that will serve their consumers in the fastest and easiest way possible. With technology, everything becomes better.

However, you cannot afford all the things that many people believe will help you lead that ‘modern life. Not everyone can get an electric car or so to speak, a Roomba that works like a robotic vacuum cleaner and become your cleaning buddy every day.

However, you can still get the taste of such life with appliances at your homes. One such fantastic appliance is the smart ceiling fan. These ceiling fans come equipped with technology that helps it get connected through WiFi. In turn, you get to connect the ceiling fan with your devices.

You then get a ceiling fan that you can fully control with your tablets, cell phones, and other devices. We were indeed falling so hard in love with these smart ceiling fans that we had to bring your attention to them.

Best Smart Ceiling Fans in India

Below we have some of the best smart ceiling fans that you will be able to buy from the Indian market. We have discussed all of their specifications in detail. We have also explained what these ceiling fans are hugely compatible with. Let us know them all –

#1 Atomberg Renesa+ Smart Ceiling Fan with Three Blades and Remote

Atomberg Renesa Smart + 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3...

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Atomberg was established by graduates and fresh minds that came straight out of IIMs and IITs. Over the years, they have dedicated an enormous amount of time in creating the best ceiling fans in the market. Most of their ceiling fans can be operated with the help of a remote.

This helps a lot as you get to experience ceiling fans in the most accessible way. Additionally, it also helps you move towards a more modern lifestyle that lies close to the best and latest technology. Other than that, we also hugely appreciate the time they take out in designing their ceiling fans. This is why the Renesa+ Smart ceiling fans suit well with a wide variety of home décor ideas and interior designs. Even when the ceiling fan has a conventional design, it is the look that will impress you the most, and you will be sold.

In the Renesa+ ceiling fan, you will see that the manufacturers have chosen the Natural Oak Wood finish on it. This way, the ceiling fan looks exceptionally natural and goes well with interior designs mostly inspired by structures and look of different wood types. These days, many people have also started their floors getting furnished with wooden planks and plates. In such settings, you will not find any ceiling fan to suit more than the Renesa+ ceiling fan.

Furthermore, we love this ceiling fan’s energy efficiency as it consumes only 28 Watts of electrical energy courtesy of its BLDC motor. As you can operate it with the help of a remote, you will love it even more. In the central housing, you will also find LEDs, which will light the whole room up. These lights on the fan can also be turned on and off using the remote that comes with the ceiling fan. 

  • The Natural Oak Wood finish of the ceiling fan goes best hanging above the wooden floor furnishing.
  • The LEDs at the center help light the entire surrounding of the ceiling fan pretty well.
  • The boost and sleep feature on the Renesa+ ceiling fan’s remote are also fantastic. 
  • The wattage which tells about the electrical consumption is comparatively less. 
  • The remote of the ceiling fan works well in all situations.
  • The Renesa+ ceiling fan’s high price is the only con that we have got till now for you.

#2 Halonix IOT WiFi Intelligent Smart Ceiling Fan

Halonix IOT WiFi 1200mm (48') Halo Intelligent Pearl Silver...

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As Indians, most of us have started preferring a life that keeps us close to the latest technology. Whether it is our cars or homes, we want everything to perform the best and become convenient. To make your life more accessible and less tiring, technology plays a huge role.

Over the years, we have witnessed a massive growth in the manufacturing units of various ceiling fan companies in the country. Most of them have all their attention and concentration in building the best designs of ceiling fans. So you are going to see a whole lot of appliances which are given their looks by keeping in mind the design needs of a majority of people.

However, a few of the best companies of this ceiling fans are primarily dedicating their research to bringing their ceiling fans close to advanced technology. One of these ceiling fan companies is Halonix. As you look at their range of advanced and smart ceiling fans, you will see that the appliance’s look has not been doctored at all.

Instead, it’s the technology they have incorporated to make their ceiling fans better than the others. We are with the Halonix IOT Smart Ceiling Fan on number two of our discussion. The best feature of this smart ceiling fan is that it is WiFi-compatible. With this compatibility, you will be capable of connecting the ceiling fan with your devices.

Doesn’t that blow your mind most unrealistically? After the connection is made, you can control the appliance with your phone and other devices that you might own. Other than the power options and speed settings, you can also use this ceiling fan’s control and nature-mode. Furthermore, this ceiling by Halonix is also compatible and can be easily paired with Amazon Alexa.

  • Even with such highly-advanced features, the Halonix Smart Fan price is still close to the affordable rate.  
  • You can pair the appliance with most of your devices with WiFi connectivity. 
  • You can also pair it quickly with Google Assistant and Alexa. Its anti-rust and anti-dust design with make it last a long time. 
  • You will also get a remote with IR sensing. 
  • It also has an intelligent mode to help you enjoy the ceiling fan according to your locality’s temperature and weather.
  • We did not come across the cons of the Halonix IOT ceiling fan.

#3 Orient Electric Smart Premium Aeroslim Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan...

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With the IoT in the ceiling fan, the appliance will be easily connected to the infrastructure of the internet. IoT is the Internet of Things and was mainly used by devices at our homes. However, with modernism, we are moving towards a world where even the appliances will connect to the internet.

With IoT in appliances, we get to know what is going on with it. This way, we can also see why the appliance is not working and whether we need to call the electrician before it gets too late, and it gives up suddenly. IoT is undoubtedly the technology that is helping us have a one on one with our appliances.

It is also helping us have the most out of these resources and increasing their efficiency to last more than they are expected to. If you are an Indian, you must know how huge the business of Orient is, when it is the ceiling fans that are concerned. 

But as we are dealing with smart ceiling fans in this discussion, we have brought their Electric Smart Aeroslim model of the ceiling fan. It has an overall white exterior design, which will get the best out of any interiors used. Additionally, because it has the IoT technology, you can also enjoy using the ceiling fan with your devices’ help.

In the center, you will also find an underlight, which will indeed reduce the need to have too many lights in your room. Additionally, the Aeroslim ceiling fan can also be operated with the smart-remote, which also helps get control over the on/off of the underlight. However, as we are dedicated to discussing everything in the most unbiased way, we also have to tell you that this ceiling fan’s cost is undoubtedly not something that lies close to the average. It is also way higher than other smart ceiling fans.

  • This is one of the smart ceiling fans, which we found to have the most modern finish and overall looks.
  • Its underlight will give bright light and reduce the need to have too many bulbs in the room.  
  • It has a build that helps save almost 40% energy. 
  • This smart ceiling fan’s most notable features include fan scheduling, reverse rotation, breeze mode, and much more.
  • You can also pair it comfortably with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant.
  • The cost of this smart ceiling fan is undoubtedly touching skies.

#4 Havells Stealth Wood Smart Ceiling Fan

Havells Stealth Wood i 1250 mm Smart Ceiling Fan (Walnut)

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The best thing about Havells is that they have put everything in making this smart ceiling fan have the best technology. But they have also focused immensely on making it look the best as well. We have come along many smart ceiling fans that are highly advanced, but they sure do look like regular ceiling fans.

Some people like that, but some buyers in the country would wish to have a smart ceiling fan that is not only equipped with the latest technology but also has a look that describes how advanced and modern it is. If you know Havells, that is because you have used their wires while you were building your home and choosing the electrical settings that go into it. However, you must also know that Havells also makes the best smart ceiling fans in the country known to also have the most striking aesthetic appeal. 

Because we had all of such fantastic things on our mind, we gave a vivid look to their Stealth Wood smart ceiling fan that comes with the Walnut design. What shocked us hugely was that this smart ceiling fan looks as if it has been carved out of dark wood. It is quite impossible to believe that it is not wood that has been used to make this appliance.

That is how much effort Havells has been putting on its appliances for many years. It is compatible with most of the WiFi-enabled devices and can also be operated with smart assistants that we often have on our cell phones. You can also fully operate this ceiling fan even when you are not at home.

This is good because if you ever leave the fan on while you leave your home, you can turn it off even when you are out. Such energy-saving methods are what we need the most in these times. With an air delivery of 280 CMM and a motor RPM of 280, this smart ceiling fan is the best. 

  • Multiple users can control the single unit of this smart ceiling fan.
  • It is IoT enabled and also comes with sensors that can easily take note of the temperature and humidity of the ceiling fan’s surroundings. 
  • Other than its technology Havells has also focused well on its look and design. 
  • You can also control its features with the remote. 
  • You can also control it well when you are not at home.
  • The price of this smart ceiling fan is also higher than the others that are from lesser-known companies.

#5 Havells Carnesia Smart Ceiling Fan with White LT Copper Design

Havells Carnesia i 1200 mm Smart Ceiling Fan (White LT...

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Again, we have a smart ceiling fan from Havells. We were most surprised that the Carnesia ceiling fan, as manufactured by them, has a design that can go well with antique designs pretty well. As one chooses smart fans, he/she might often think that these are the ceiling fans that will only go well with the interiors inspired by the most modern things on the planet.

However, Havells has proved all of us wrong. It turns out that people who love antique aesthetics and designs can also have quite some expectations with smart ceiling fans. The Cranesia ceiling fan comes with a white base design that also has a few golden pieces that are smaller than the blades but look as if they are running towards the central housing. Because of this, the whole tone of this smart ceiling fan does not break at all.  

Like the other smart ceiling fans by Havells, this ceiling fan can also easily keep its surroundings’ humidity and temperature in check. This way, it will work better according to your needs and adjust its speed settings on its own without requiring you to do all of that.

If you have a router, you can get WiFi connectivity with this smart ceiling fan on your devices. The highest RPM that is easily reachable by its advanced motor is 390. For a smart ceiling fan, such high RPM is not a usual thing. And this surely makes us like the Carnesia ceiling fan by Havells even more.

Compared to other smart ceiling fans by Havells, it also has a lower price, which is not quite apparent for a smart ceiling fan. It has also got IoT enabled on it, and you will also get to take advantage of the most modern features on this ceiling fan.  

  • If you buy this smart ceiling fan more in the number, you will be able to control them all together.
  • The RPM of this smart ceiling fan is higher than the others. 
  • The timer settings are easier to control when compared with the others. 
  • The look of the Carnesia ceiling fan makes it compatible with antique designs also.
  • If you want a smart ceiling fan with minimalist designs that remind you of modern resources, you cannot go with this.

List of Best Smart Ceiling Fans

How to Choose the Best Smart Ceiling Fans – Buying Guide

Look for WiFi Connectivity

If a smart ceiling fan does not have WiFi connectivity in it, is it even a smart ceiling fan? WiFi will help connect the ceiling fan with your mobiles and other devices through an application. With that, you won’t need to have the remote of the ceiling fan in your hands all the time.

You can control every feature of the ceiling fan just by some clicks on your mobile phone and tablets. Therefore, we suggest that one much always look for smart ceiling fans that come with good WiFi connectivity, which helps it connect with a variety of devices from Android as well as iOS.

Look for IoT in the smart ceiling fan. 

IoT is an acronym used mostly for the ‘Internet of Things.’ It is basically a system that helps create an interrelation between computing devices so that they can perform better. It also helps establish communication between the user of the device and the device.

IoT also helps establish a connection to the internet without the need for human interaction or interference. Recently, IoT has been incorporated in most of the home appliances. It gives you control over the appliances even when you are not at home. In most of the smart ceiling fans, you will find IoT. This way, you can control the ceiling fan well and stop worrying as you leave your home.

Look for the design of the smart ceiling fan.

Even in smart ceiling fans, most people consider the design a lot. While some of them want to go with smart ceiling fans that look a lot like regular ceiling fans, we have seen a considerable number of people in India who want such fans to have the most modern design.

They believe that modern designs help reflect modernism in their life, and it also helps them have an upliftment in their lifestyles. You can find many designs in smart ceiling fans. The choice that you make must be according to your taste and your room’s design so that everything is according to your preferences. 

Consider the special features of the smart ceiling fan.

You may consider the following unique and special features.

  • LED in the central housing: These days, you will also get to have smart ceiling fans that are well equipped with LEDs. These LEDs will help emit sufficient light so that you do not need to install multiple bulbs and lights in your room. 
  • Remote Control: Smart ceiling fans can also be controlled with a remote. Not everyone would want to operate their ceiling fans with their devices all the time. In such situations, a remote will surely come exceptionally handy. It will help manage the ceiling fan’s speed settings and allow you to have good control over its power. 
  • Sensors: When smart ceiling fans come with sensors, the usage of the appliance becomes more convenient. These sensors control the ceiling fan according to the weather and humidity that they sense.  

Price of the smart ceiling fan:

Generally, smart ceiling fans cost a lot more than regular ceiling fans that you will find in the country. However, some of the variants of these smart ceiling fans will still have a considerable price gap. In such situations, one must look for the quality but not altogether ignore the price.

If you cannot afford these ceiling fans, you should save up for a while and then buy them. Additionally, if you are buying them from an online site, you can also get options for EMIs. However, make sure that the site is well known and reputed.

Bottom Line:

According to experts, a huge population will start moving towards smart ceiling fans in India. So, why not make a move right now and experience the perks of modern appliances that are much more feasible and easy to control. Our team picked all the options we have got for you only after considering many reviews from Indian consumers and buyers. If you want a smart ceiling fan, you can go through the details that we described. A smart ceiling fan will become the most loved appliance that you have in your home. We are quite optimistic about that.